about liquid ink

Make your uniqueness
stand out

Our one-stop print consultant + design service relieves the pressure of finding the perfect creative solution for any project. Think of us as your matchmaker for print + design solutions — we make the connections so you don’t have to.


We take pride in delivering intelligent designs

and engaging experiences for clients all over

the world. 

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We're Liquid Ink, a no-holds bar design + print 
agency based in Toronto

We spark brand engagement with niched products, printing and consulting solutions.

Personalized concepts

Expand your brand with something meaningful. Share your story and goals and we’ll create original, impactful ideas that will elevate your event, express gratitude for clients and partners, build credibility and in some cases, even spark new revenue streams.

Printing powerhouse

We’re the premiere full serve, white glove partner for ambitious entrepreneurs like yourself. We’re a printer, but so much more. Our creative, cutting-edge team will take care of all the elements of producing your product —from inception to design to execution. We’ll even show you how to leverage your product, too.

Your Secret Weapon

Whether you already have an idea and need a push, or want a talented, creative team devoted to your vision from beginning to end, we’ll customize a solution and service package just for you, so you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

our process


We start by listening to your story and then brainstorm purpose-driven product ideas with you or for you, depending on your preference. From a product strategy to an entire brand strategy, we’ll drive your success.


Watch ideas come to life in our design stage with mockups that capture every last detail.


Once you’re happy with the concept, we’ll take care of all the printing and production steps so you can relax. As a long-standing printing broker, we’ve got a wide network of vendors to secure premium products on time and budget.


Your product is delivered on time, exactly how you envisioned (but often better than you imagined).


Meet our
wonderful clients

We’ve been fortunate to work with some truly remarkable  partners since our doors first opened in 2008.

message from our founder

I’ve always had an interest in graphic design, and I love creating. Stationary is my passion – I love creating planners, notebooks and journals, but at Liquid Ink we go above and beyond paper products – you name it, we love to make it.

With a background in photography and experience in print publishing, I have an eye for detail. I’ve handled everything from printed book to print brokering, but my real passion is in developing and building ideas that turn into exceptional, meaningful products for brands.

That’s where Liquid Ink was born. I love seeing ideas move from the beginning concept stages to the finished product. Whether you’re giving a gift to a customer or marketing to an even wider audience, we help all kinds of businesses come up with fun, engaging, and unique products that make a lasting impression, improve the customer experience and elevate the brand. We do this by getting to know you, your needs, and your unique vision.

Our unabashed honesty sets us apart. We’ll give you what you need and ask for, but if we can find ways to streamline or improve your idea, we’ll let you know. This is what makes us unique.

From product promotions to trade shows, we’ll use products to create a brand experience that’s purpose driven and fun. As our client, you’ll not only benefit from the passive income of your creation if you choose to retail it, but you’ll also see how an exceptional product can expand your brand and build credibility with your customers in new ways.

I can’t wait to get started, can you?

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Doris Chung
Founder, Creative Director